Welcome to the Missing Piece

"Missing pieces do more than complete the puzzle, they fill an empty space."

Luanne Rice

Your Missing Piece Is HERE!

Helping parents, caregivers, and the youth they love to live a Happier, Healthier, and more Harmonious Life!


We know being a kid is not always easy and sometimes its just hard; figuring out how to make friends, share our wants and needs, or simply telling someone all the BIG feelings we feel.

Because we don't always have the words or are afraid to say them we often just ACT

Even when that acting or doing is what gets us into a world of trouble that is all we know to express those feelings and thoughts we have.

We know being a parent and caregiver can be the most rewarding and the most difficult job you can ever have. Being responsible for helping little ones grow into loving and responsible adults can be a true task.

You do not have to do this job alone, We are here to help you and your child on your journey!

We help kids and parents navigate challenging emotions and behaviors to improve everyone's quality of life.

We Speak Parent

Through coaching we provide parents with practical tools they can implement immediately. We provide a space to express, learn, and process to improve your parenting journey.

We Speak Kid

Adults talk but kids do! We observe, identify, and explore to help kids to make sense out of their world and figure out better way to express and cope with their BIG feelings.

We Speak Family

We know that the kid is not the problem and often times the system as a whole needs to be addressed. We use observations to identify "Glows and Grows" to help the family unit function at its best.

We Speak Teacher

Because we believe it takes a village we like to make tools available to every adult in a child's life; because, with consistency comes success.

The missing piece is one click away....