Kids are amazing little humans and require amazing support!

We love our kids SO MUCH and want everybody else to love them too. They are unique and have their own mind/ way of doing things, which keep us on our toes. Their differences is what makes them special but it is also those differences that can be hard to manage.

Are meltdowns and tantrums increasing or outnumbering the "good times"? Is your child having difficulty making or keeping friends? Have you noticed or been told that your child is having difficulty regulating their emotions, thoughts, and/or feelings? Are you dreading the next email, phone call, or pickup/ drop off line at school - expecting a bad report from the teacher?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it is time for help!

Kids don't like to be in trouble anymore than we do. They're just using what they know to show us they need support.

Big life changes are hard for adults, and can be even harder for children. They may not understand the same way we do, but are affected just as deeply. Death, separation divorce, losing jobs/homes/pets/family members, moving, constant changes, and suffering from or witnessing abuse are all hard to navigate.

Maybe you've noticed a delay in "normal" milestone development (and your pediatrician is telling you not to worry). Maybe adoption, foster care, or guardianship may be part of your child's history.

Worry comes natural, support and solutions are harder to identify.

That's where we come in and provide the pieces that have been missing. We start where you are. We listen to what you know about your child-you know them better than we ever will. After finding out what you know and what you've tried (because most families have tried everything they know about), we'll come up with a plan that will work for your family.


Unlike traditional therapy we utilize the "village" concept and a behavioral systemic approach that requires engagement of all stakeholders and environments that engage the child. We rely on observation as well as communication to develop an individualized plan of intervention for each child. We work with children and families where they are, in community settings, schools, home, and virtually when needed. We do not do "typical" counseling but will engage in process sessions throughout our time together.

  1. Intake Assessment

We schedule a one-on-one with the parent to gather background and target information.

  1. Field Observation

We arrange for observation to occur in all settings that target behaviors occur.

  1. Plan Development

We create a plan of intervention similar to a behavior plan.

  1. Plan Intervention

We work with the child to build regulation, identify triggers, and practice coping skills.

  1. Discharge

We go through the process of decreasing visits and moving implementation solely into the parents hands.

  1. Plan Maintenance

This is ongoing and varied support depending on individual family need.

It’s easy to get started. If you are in the Houston area and need support for your child, just click the button below!