Meet Your Therapist

Texas License # 77495 exp. 09/2024

Hello I am Brianna!

Every child and family is unique and special, but sometimes life can breed choas. Things do not turn out exactly as we planned, daily tasks get overwhelming, homework, trips to the grocery store, or even just getting teeth brushed can become a power struggle. Tasks get pushed aside for yet another day because they just feel impossibly heavy.

Having a child who has gained a "label" or "reputation" can be difficult and feel isolating. You know that your child has stregthens that are outshined by their struggles. Your uncondtional love and care has had your trying everything under the sun, turning over every rock for an answer. I am here to share that you are not alone and are on the right track to finding the missing piece.

My Values and Approach

Behavior is just another way to communicate and unwanted behavior is often a sign that kids need support. I believe in working together indentify the strengths your family already has and use those tools to make positive change happen in your life and your home. I work to provide children, parents, and even teachers with new toold for their "toolbox" and believe that with the right knowledge and skill development every family can see an increase in cohesion and a decrease in stress.

"Be the adult you need as a child..."


I’ve worked alongside some great practitioners in a variety of settings who made an impact on my life, much of which I try to pass along. Through a combination of private practice, community and school based counseling, I worked with children to become the best version of themselves. I realize that some clients need more intensive and or non-traditional interventions to foster transformation. Thus, the Missing Piece was created to offer expansive services outside of the norm traditional therapeutic practices.

And if you’ve been waiting for the formal list of qualifications and experience, here it is: