What type of support do you provide?

We do not do rely on traditional talk therapy. Though we do include processing during our interactions are goal is to assist with developmental and behavioral change. So we focus on identifying the function and trends that influence behavior. We work with the child to help them idenitify triggers, trends, and functions in their own world and help them figure out and practice ways to cope in order to improve self regulation and management.

What ages do you work with?

We work with children and adolescents from 5 to 15 years old.

Why do you need to come to my home and my childs school?

Observation is a critical and ongoing step. We have to see how the child behaves and functions in their everyday environment in order to best pinpoint or identify what is really going on.

Do you provide support for parents?

Yes, parent engagement is essential and required. We work with the child and parent to reestablish and develop boundaries that will work for everyone. We also help parents to identify areas of improvement that can impact the flow of their home and external environments.

What does a session look like?

These can vary but most of the time it looks like working with a child in their area of choice, focusing on a target behavior and practicing coping skills to build their regulation toolkit. With a parent they session could look like updates, plan implementation, training, or processing difficult experiences.

What happens during an observation and how long does it take?

Observations occur over the first 2 weeks initation and must happen atleast once before work with the child can began. They at minimum in the home enviroment but preferable home, school, and a target environment (store, community space, etc) if necessary. The is to see the child in their natural state, we know that children are smart and can often use a "representative" when visitors are in their space. This is why we do ongoing observations, arrange for varies hours and locations.

During an observation a therapists will enter the space, the goal is not to be seen or heard but just observe. During which time notes will we taken and used to complete the assessment.

What happens after an observation?

We will develop a individualized plan of intervention, discuss it with the parents, and implement.

What are your fees?

Intake and observations are a flat fee of $500. It includes 1.5 hour intake, up to 4 hours of observation in 3 settings, and the first session with the child.

Sessions are 45 mins and a flat fee of $75.

Additional observatations are $50/hr.

*Payment plans are available and insurance reimbursement can be discussed at intake.