What is group therapy?

Many people know about individual therapy, but have never heard about group therapy before. Group therapy brings people together who struggle with similar issues, like depression, anxiety, emotion regulation, or relational issues, for example. It is a space for people to connect and support one another, while learning beneficial skills from an experienced therapist. Group therapy is an option that teens in particular should consider. It can be exponentially more effective for teens than just individual therapy.

If your teen is struggling with social or emotional issues, you should think about enrolling your child in group therapy. Group is an effective and beneficial option for many teens. Group members often leave group therapy with increased confidence and improved communication skills. Most importantly, they’re grateful to have a welcoming environment to express themselves.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

The therapist can observe how teens interact with others —

Group therapy is an entirely different experience. Simply by being in an environment with others, the therapist can see how the teens interact with their peers. Individual therapy is one-on-one; the therapist isn’t able to see these social problems in action during individual therapy. Perhaps a teen becomes extremely shy in a group, or develops conflicts easily while interacting with others. A group setting allows the therapist to catch a teen’s social difficulties in the moment that they happen, and help the teen in real life situations.

It helps improve teens’ interpersonal skills —

Think of group therapy as a safe space for teens to practice their social skills and work through social obstacles. In group, they have the opportunity to voice their opinions, work on their ability to listen, and engage in conversation with their peers. Teens can test out the interpersonal effectiveness skills that they learn from the therapist, without the fear of being judged. Over time, they can boost their social confidence, as well as their communication skills.

Teens benefit from connection and support —

Group isn’t just a place to learn skills and strategies—it’s also a place to connect with and support others. Group members can relate to each other’s experiences and offer guidance. It’s possible that another group member went through a similar experience; he or she can empathize with the person and offer first-hand, truly beneficial advice. Participants motivate each other to reach their goals and celebrate victories, no matter how small. It’s a positive environment where teens rely on each other for encouragement.

It's convenient and accessible

Through MTB all our session are offered virtually. Which are available at your fingertips, no need to come into an office or if the thought of being around people you don't know makes you uncomfortable then this is the space for you. Virtual counseling may be more suitable as it has been found that virtual therapy is preferred by those who are uncomfortable with talking face to face with someone about their problems or who are suffering from social phobias, agoraphobia or anxiety disorders.

Is it secure?

Short answer: YES! We provide services through secure HIPAA compliant platforms.

Can I get individual therapy?

Individual therapy is available on an a case by case basis though we specialize in providing therapeutic services in a group format as it has been proven to be very effective with teens and adolescents. There are times when individual sessions will be needed based on reactions and disclosure in group and your therapist will respond accordingly.

What types of groups are offered?

Currently we offer weekly process groups that incorporate psychoeducation in order for participants to gain valuable skills to improve their lives. We will be adding speciality groups in the near future.

Groups are opened meaning that new members will be added periodically until the group has reached its max (10 persons per therapist). Once speciality groups are created, depending on the groups content, those groups will be closed meaning once they are formed no new members can be added until the groups cycle has ended.

Is group confidential?

Participants are required to sign agreements prior to the start of group. Confidentiality is very important in any therapeutic space but particularly in group settings as we want to all form a bond of trust so that we may help each other to grow. Therefor confidentiality is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED among group members.

As your therapist, I take confidentiality very serious and I cherish the trust that you have in me and make it my mission not to break it. There are incidences that I am mandated to report such as expressions of abuse, thoughts of suicide, homicide, or if I am court ordered. Anything else will be kept between us; THERAPIST HONOR (holds hand right hand over chest and left hand in the air😊).

Am I required to attend every group?

Groups are significantly affected when group members are absent. So, attendance is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. I understand that things happen and you may be absent from time to time, your place in group is reserved and you will not be reimbursed for any missed session.

If you are interested in the BSP Women's Group, attendance is ENCOURAGED EVEN STRONGER. Due to the sensitive nature of the content and structure of the group, if you do not believe that you can attend every session then think about signing up for a future group.

Is this covered by insurance?

We currently accept the following insurances:

  • Apostrophe (TX)

  • Cigna (TX)

  • Cigna Health Partners (TX)

  • Cigna EAP (TX)

  • Optium/United-EAP (TX)

  • United All Savers (TX)

  • United BIND (TX)

  • United GEHA/Shared Services (TX)

  • United Healthcare (TX)

  • United Healthcare Golden Rule (TX)

  • United Oxford (TX)

  • United Student Resources (TX)

  • United UMR (TX)

Self Pay is also available if your insurance is not listed and your HSA/FSA may be used to pay for services.

Are other forms of therapy offered?

Yes, we offer individual and couples counseling we also offers occasional special events. Please contact us via email or phone to get specific information about other therapy offerings.